Folder renames when backup format is "Synchronized Copy"

Hallo all,
I’m using CBU since 2 weeks and I’m quite happy now with this software.

I successfully tested CBU backing up a small folder and its subfolders (about 130 MB) in “Synchronized Copy” format. I’d like to sync a large folder (aboyt 15 GB) the same way. I always gave up until now: it seems that the first backup (files are already there in the destination) takes very long.

But what I mostly wonder is what is it going to happen if I rename a big folder?
I mean, does CBU restart copying all files in a new sync’ed folder while deleting the old folder content (it could take 10-15 minutes approx) or does it run like Windows itself, simply renaming the folder (1-2 sec)?


Hello ant,

If you rename a big folder inside of a synchronized folder (let’s say you synchronized a folder “C:\test” and inside that folder you have another folder “MyFolder”(the size doesn’t matter ) ) and you rename “MyFolder” the operation is instantly (like in windows).

Be carefulll with the rename operation. If you rename the folder that you synchronized, in our case “C:\test” the synchronization will stop working because you don’t have the synchronized folder anymore.

Thank you for your comment!

First of all, thank you for you kind and fast reply, Ionut.

So you say that any moved or renamed file/folder on the source will NOT be deleted-and-recopied on the destination?
Does CBU reproduce on the destination what I did on the source, quite like M$ SyncToy?

Oh, yeah that’s clear: I’ll never rename the “root” of the sync’ed backup folder! :wink:


Ok, I just did some tests with some big folders and… CBU seems great!!!
It reproduces all my actions without deleting and recopying or -at least- without hanging my computer while performing its operations. It just runs smoothly and silently!