Flash problems

I am playing FarmVille on Facebook. The flash plugin crashes all the time.
I uninstalled and reinstalled Flash and Shockwave, but the problem still exists.
Since yesterday there is another issue…when I reboot or start the computer, Flash is disabled and I have to enable it again. What is happening?

I removed Dragon and installed it again…it said the last time I used Dragon was on Feb 12, but I use it every day ?


Click the “Details” button on the “about://plugins” page and look for the flash plugins in the list. Check if one of the Flash player versions uses this dll: NPSWF32.dll. If Adobe Flash Player is installed on the system it should be there.

FarmVille tends to have lot of graphical content, especially when you have a very large farm. If you add this to the fact that it’s running on Flash Player, which is known for being unstable, then crashes are to be expected.
To solve this issue you could try keeping resource usage to a minimum while you’re playing FarmVille – don’t leave many tabs opened in your browser, make sure the tabs that are opened don’t also use a lot of system resources (playing HD videos tends to do that). Try to have fewer applications running in the background (even applications installed in your browser or extensions).

If you’ve just started playing FarmVille and you don’t have a large farm, try clearing your browsing history, cookies and cache and check if the problem persists.

Thank you.

Problem WORSE on recent update of CD. Some web pages say they need “Adobe Flash.” All attempts to load, whether I leave the CD open or not – end with something “illegal”. Ditto upon repeat attempts with Firewall off and Antiviral OFF.

DESCRIPTION: I get = “Adobe Flash Player plug-in is not installed. Click here to download plug-in.”

So, I clicked that…

RESULT is a temp file (install_flash_player.exe) that ends with 2 error messages telling me it is doing something “illegal”. And it never works, whether I END or let it go on…

About to abandon this CD product. It seemed work before, with my prior version, “10” would you believe?

C: drive
Windows XP SP3
32 bit
No plug in and NO theme installed.

I also clear the flash cache…still crashing


This is a known issue and we are working on a fix for the flash installation from inside the browser. You can download and install Flash Player directly from the Adobe website.

Thank you.