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Hi there.
Since a recent update of cis premium, I have discovered that for some reason I can only run adobe flashplayer in low quality, otherwise it runs choppy. This is in both chrome and IE6. It always run well until update. Disabled comodo, and the flashplayer works fine at all high quality. No speed issues with connection etc!!. What do I need to do. I tried to add flash as trusted program, but can’t find it on system to add. Though it is in my add/remove program files and works fine!

Please help. Many thanks!!! ???

Which version of flash are you using?

Using latest version. However I was using 10 which worked fine until prob arose. I have updated to latest 11 but have also tried 9. Prob is in both chrome auto installed flash and IE manually installed.
Thanks for prompt reply

Can you give us an example of a video you’re having a problem with, along with the type of quality expected against the quality you’re actually getting. Can you also provide a screen shot of your firewall application rules, particularly the browser rules. It might be helpful to know more about the problem you had too.

Example-youtube video. Can only view on 250f any higher will lag/choppy, sound is not affected and perfect. This applies to all flash driven video. NSV and others are un-affected. Before this issue came about recently, I could watch in high quality even HD. I assume you want details of network security policy??

If by quality, do you mean frame drops/skips/stuttering/jitter? Are you using and nvidia video card? If so what driver version? There’s a bug with some of nvidia’s drivers and gpu accelerated flash that cause extreme frame latency, to the point of affecting browser responsiveness. Note: video encoding types seems also seems to relate to the problem, ie: the driver can’t understand the bit stream.

Might also be worth checking defense+ rules for the browsers, ie:plugin-container.exe for firefox. Also make sure you have latest flash (v11.2.202.233)

Thanks for replies.
Until CIS update that upset my flash player, I could play everything perfect as I stated above. Just for the record and further trouble shooters who may read thread. All flash related streams that would otherwise be fine ran laggy, stuttery and slow for me in any option higher than 250f, ie youtube lowest quality. Though sound was perfect
Spent a lot of time trying many fixes and reading many web articles related to my issue. Wish I had simply disabled CIS to see what happened.
I have now reinstalled CIS, and for time being problem seems to be RESOLVED!!

Thanks again for replies.