Flash Player

Comodo site has some flash stuff but comodo flags nsprocess.dll as a not a virus Risk.
I know the dll is also used by maleware but I am wondering if I exclude it, will an ondemand scan still flag the dll every time?


nsprocess.dll is not flaged as part of an install from within firefox, it is only when you download the player from Adobe and go to install it.



I just posted about this same file in another post. I got the same warning when downloading Adobe Flash Player… from what I gather it seems nsprocess.dll has also been used as an installer for some malware out there so virus programs, out of caution, have decided to flag it. So maybe it’s not so bad for CAVS to have it listed anyway…


The reason cavs and other antiviruses detect this is that pskill.exe is used by a number of malware applications, for none legit reasons. If you know you have downloaded it yourself (in this case you have) you can exclude it - if you wish - from future scans.


You will need to Exclude it in the Settings for both On-Demand and On-Access scanning, or yes, your manual or scheduled scan will tag it as well as the usage scan.