Flash Player taking too much memory in newer CID

I’ve been using Comodo IceDragon for about 6 months now after the online game support suggested me to use CID (Comodo Ice Dragon) and I like it very much like Firefox.
I preferred Google Chrome mostly because of its easiness, but then i switched back to favorite browser (FF - FireFox) cause
1/ Google had so many ads tracking my everyday internet website visits (i guess; I’m no expert)
2/ Forge of Empires (online game) wouldn’t load even after installing standalone flash player


3/ took too much memory

When i switched to FF, it was the same thing again.
and process name - plugin-container.exe*32 taking too much memory
taking too much memory in tab in

So Game Support suggested me CID


and it was perfect. not eating too much memory

When I updated to the latest version from to


and started to game, my whole system got slower and slower.
so i checked the Task manager (I’m using Win 7 Ultimate 64 bit)
1/ so many duplicates of Icedragon.exe*32 as seen in Chrome and FF
2/ FlashPlayerPlugin_28_0_0_161.exe*32 taking twice the amount of memory used in previous versions
3/ 2 duplicates of FlashPlayerPlugin_28_0_0_161.exe*32 working