Flash Must Die

One can only hope it does.

I hope it will die too. Becuase I do not want to use it and some sites still force me to use it! :-TD

I agree it is an outdated piece of garbage. It’s not going to happen
though until web sites finally get a clue & use HTML 5 like YouTube did,it is now
the default for them.

One thing I did from day one that most people are not even aware of…
I went to the Adobe Flash Player settings manager site…


I disabled everything. Like no third party stuff & nothing downloaded to my computer, P2P unchecked etc.

In Firefox you can set the Flash Plug In to Ask To Activate.

Another Flash Update today-

Guess its not going to Die any time soon.

Since some of us may still have to use it here are the Offline Installers
with no garbage added to them…