flash inoperable when custom dpi settings over 125%

problem : flash was inoperable via launching webcam within dragon. flash settings/permissions box would appear but unable to interact with it in any way.

course of events which led to resolution : launched geek buddy for remote support

the tech logged in to my computer asking me to re-create the issue but when i attempted i found that the issue was fixed i had been using a test webcam utility page on the web, when i loaded it everything behaved properly.

at first i thought the tech was playing a joke on me and had fixed something in the background i was not aware of. remote session ended. i again tried to load up the webcam with the same problem as before. another remote session was started, issue was fixed again.

thats when i realized that something with the display settings of windows was contributing because when a remote session is started windows defaults to a basic screen display.

my screen was set at a custom 150% dpi to make reading easier as i use a large 42 inch hdtv as my monitor and usually recline in bed while using the computer.

i then told the tech that i wanted to do an experiment and set my dpi settings back to normal once they logged out. i did and the issue was resolved. i checked this issue on another computer also.

simply open display settings from control panel or right click desktop, choose ease of access option, then select the make things easier to read option, there you will find the default setting of 100% and also 125% called medium. to the left is an option called custom dpi whereby a custom setting may be entered. by setting my dpi back to medium [at] 125% the issue with flash was resolved. Oh also I think internet explorer was ok and firefox was ok but then again im not totally sure.

Operating System Windows 7

the geek buddy tech told me come here and post the bug and how it was worked around

i hope im in the right place

i probably posted this bug report in the wrong place, i am quite sorry if that is the case, i would happily move it to wherever you tell me but i imagine your going to do that anyway