Flash detection failed


On some of sites I visit I get this message :
Please make sure you have the Flash plugin properly installed and active

What can I do ?



Hi Judith,

Please provide some info, about your system, otherwise it’s practically impossible to answer your question.
Sure, if one would spend time looking at your previous posts he/she may come to conclusion that you are using CID. Nevertheless it is just a guess…cauz you could’ve changed the browser, etc.
So instead of having an answer you will be hit with numerous questions in the first place


  • what OS & Service Pack?;
  • x64 or 32bit?;
  • what browser (and version!)?;
  • how do you maintain getting and updating Flash Player?.. from what site? …what is the current version installed?;
  • On some of sites I visit...
    What sites in particular? Please give an example of those "some sites";
  • what security products are you using?
  • and so on…

More info and specifics you provide more replies & help you’ll get