Flash bug

Desperately Seeking Assistance with a bizarre FLASH issue. I LOVE Comodo… I began using it 5 weeks ago, & its the FASTEST, SMOOTHEST BROWSER around !!! YAH !!! It was the GREATEST on games, too !!! — But about one week ago, it SUDDENLY stopped loading my games, for NO perceivable reason… :0 INSTEAD, I repeatedly get the same ERROR message, prompting me to Install Adobe Flash Player : To play, you’ll need to upgrade your Adobe Flash Player. It’s a few easy steps, and it’s free! /// HELLO, I have Adobe Flash… I EVEN deleted & RE-DOWNLOADED it REPEATEDLY… I also uninstalled & reinstalled CD repeatedly… I have tried EVERYTHING… But, my CD is DOWN, & will not recognize Flash… I had NO PROBLEMS [at] ALL the first month… It worked great… This browser is SO MUCH BETTER than any other on games, that, basically, I can barely play anymore… I NEED THE CD WIZARD to help !!! HOPE someone has a fix. Thank-You :slight_smile:

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With what web sites do you get the warning to update your Flash player? Does it happen to a limited set of sites? Do you get the warning with You Tube too?

Yes !!! I DO get it on youtube, also, BUT the vids play anyway. On my fav game(s), I get a NO LOAD & message saying I need to download & install the flash I already have. :0 But everything was working fine for many weeks, & there were no changes. I took a screenshot, but I’m not sure how to post it here. Or if its ok to post links.

Can you check what version of Flash Player installed. Go to this test page with Dragon: http://www.adobe.com/software/flash/about/.

Do you have Do not allow websites to know where you came from (suppress HTTP referrer header) enabled?
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Oh, for Joy & Nirvana !!! SUDDENLY , my FAV Browser is WORKING AGAIN on FLASH !!! :smiley: (I have 11,5,502,135 installed)… IDK WHY it stopped working , or WHY it suddenly began working again… I just HOPE it continues this time… I HATE it when it doesnt work. No other Browser compares to this one in ease of use. :slight_smile: