flash bug on Youtube ?!


This is a problem that started a couple of days ago.
Sometimes (while on youtube) I cannot play videos on youtube (video is just black, pressing start/stop does nothing).
I am 100% sure its an issue with CD, as when I open (at the same time) the youtube link on other brower (firefox/iExplorer) there is no problwm. Restarting the browser does not help at all, I need to restart the system in order to fix this.

CD Version
Adobe Flash Player - Version: 11,7,700,169

host OS : win8 x64.



Hi xChris,
There was an issue between Dragon and Flash in recent previous versions.
Most of the issues have not been present (Until now) in the current releases.

If this happens again, please try clearing your browser Data Ctrl+Shift+Del and try again.
Do you have any other plug-ins or extensions that maybe interfering?

If this is persistent with a particular clip/video, could you please post the link?

thanx mate,

I did clean the cache etc. Its not related to specific video.
In the meanwhile I tried to re-install CD and I chose the “repair” option.
I am still monitoring the issue, as for the extensions, I removed all of them.
I had a feeling that some anti-ad (like adblock) caused the problem, but I was wrong.

So far its ok, (after the “repair”) but I will report again if the problem re-appears.

thank you again


You are welcome, let us hope it continues to behave.


I don’t have any more this issue.
It seems that the “repair” option did the trick.


That is good to hear xChris. :-TU