Flame and Comodo Firewall only

can flame malware bypass (upload data) from a computer has comodo firewall only (no antivirus) on custom policy. (where this custom policy does NOT contain flame or any of its parts), then a usb flash having flame connected, flamed copied, done, collect data,>>> TRYING TO UPLOAD data to internet!!

??? WILL that PC have a firewall alert, or it will bypass it ???
if YES it will bypassed, what settings I can change to prevent this?

Note: let’s say defense+ is also off. I AM ASKING ONLY FOR FIREWALL.

wrong place to post my question?
where should I post this?

With the firewall in custom policy mode will catch all programs from calling the world.

With default settings an unknown file will get sandboxed and will be limited in what it can do to your system. When using Custom Policy with the firewall it will alert you for every program accessing the web and you should be able to catch it.

Thx for replying, I can sleep in peace now. :smiley: