[Fixed in v3.9] Context menu bug...

Check the attached images. One is when i right click some file and one when i right click on desktop (see selection/highlight thing).
First one looks like Win2000 menu and second one as Vista menu. I knew something was off when i installed CIS.
Now i finally noticed the actual difefrence.
Please fix this…

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The file is not selected in the second image. When the file is selected you will get the other context menu.

The second situation sometimes happens to me when I do a quick right click and it doesn’t select meanwhile (I am using web oriented explorer: a single left click will open a file).

And this is how menu looks like when i do select a file but CIS isn’t installed on my system…
Yeah, i went and uninstalled it just to prove the point (and bug).

It’s a CIS bug that messes the context menu look…

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You mean the top line of the menu is now in bold?

This is an old bug. I guess COMODO is dealing with bugs based on priority (which I understand)

Well still, its a lame bug.

Defined to perfection. :wink:

This is a duplicate of another thread where I already complained a month before about this. It’s very annoying but it’s not something you cannot live with, however I hope COMODO can fix this asap.

Well sure you can live with it but it’s a bug and for me it’s a very annoying one.
I can’t help myself, i’m a GUI freak and i want everything to be polished to perfection.

+1 - the little things really do count and the GUI is both the physical and emotional connection between the app and the user.

Hopefully they will catch up with these little annoyances.

Ewen :slight_smile:

I hope this will get fixed. New CIS beta is still having this stupid GUI bug thats really getting on my nerves.
I didn’t bought Vista so some program is silently converting it back into a Windows 98 looking blob.

I agree. This really needs to be fixed.

I’m still waiting for this one to be fixed. It’s totally annoying.

I’m using Windows Vista and I installed Comodo Internet Security (Free Version).

CIS context menu item disables the vista styling applied to the context menu.

I think this should be a high priority issue, as appearance is very important.

I hope it will be fixed soon…

For now, I have removed context menu item as described in following FAQ



I’m not sure what exactly it is that you feel is the problem here… Are you saying that you don’t want the Scan with… item in there?

In your screenshots, you’ve got your recycle bin highlighted in one and a folder in the other. The context menu is going to be different in these instances.

Could you be more descriptive about what you feel is “Messed Up”?

It’s a bug that’s been out for a while. It doesn’t occur in all cases though. (e.g. when R-clicking a music file/photo it occurs, but not when R-clicking a shortcut).

Yes, thats what i’m facing.

To my surprise they even fixed this in version 3.9! Just wow. Took ages to fix but they finally did it.

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