*FIXED* Exceptions reset


I am using Privdog in Firefox 24 stable.
Well, actually testing…(switching between ADP and Privdog).
When I add some sites to the Exceptions list, but later disable Privdog, the list is clear after enabling it again.
I am not sure if this is done by default.
Is it possible to keep the exceptions list also after disabling/enabling Privdog?

The Exception list resets also after turning Firefox off and on again :confused:

Yes. this bug can replicate in firefox(icedragon) and PrivDog

video - - YouTube , - YouTube

Thank you a lot! you are describing in great detail
I think our devs will fix it soon.

I do not use exception list. But when I turning Cyberfox off and on again my all settings turns default.
example : this setting always changes when the restarting Cyberox b[/b]

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Seems to be fixed in the new version :slight_smile: (