[fixed] disk encryption subsystem failure and no boot

Ok, I figured out how to get my drives unencrypted. It was a long process of trial and error, but I am decrypting the files as I write.

1- comodo does not work if you have your boot drive on a raid. I had to install a new hard drive and turn off the raid in the bios. After that, your password will work and the system will boot.

2- You also have to disable boot sector scans from your antivirus in order for the comodo disk encryption error to go away. The antivirus suspects a boot sector virus and blocks comodo so you get the encryption subsystem error. I use ESET NOD antivirus.

3- once these two factors have been dealt with, reboot and enter the password at the boot prompt and you should now see the drives in comodo disk encryption software and will be able to decrypt the drives.

I hope this helps all of you that have the same problem…frustrating as hell and makes you cranky :o}

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You are way, way, awesome man!! You have saved so many people from countless hours of frustration and hell!
I thank you so much for your genious mind! God bless you!! And again, thanks so much!!!


This is a pretty f…up software. I encrypted an external hard drive and ended up putting a password on my C: boot and could not get in inspite of doing everything. The following link highlights how to change your MBR which turned out to be the only way to reboot and get in. It worked like a charm and took less than 10mins.

I have a similar issue as described on these forums. Encrypted the hard drive on a Dell D400 laptop, rebooted and entered the password correctly only to see, “Error Loadng operating system”.

My guess is, this is f…d the data on the hard drive now and will have to simply reformat it. Proper annoying.

There is no raid setup whatsoever on this laptop.

Comodo Version is 1.2.114847.152

what a bag of W.nk