FirstDefense-ISR 40% discount

If anyone is interested about FirstDefense-ISR you can find a discount of 40% at the DonationCoder Site
DonationCoder a site/forum dedicated in software reviews both freeware and shareware, and once a month gets discounts from 3-4 commercial apps. to offer at their members.

For getting the discount you have to register nad donate a small amount of money. From 1 dollar to … It depends from how much you like the idea of the site. :wink:

I poste this info because some members where interested in Restore applications similar to Goback, Rollback, etc.

ps. And in chase someone wants to buy a defragger here is a discount for PerfectDisk 8. ;D

Raxco offers a 20% of discount over all their products PerfectDisk 8, Perfectdisk RX, PerfectDisk RX combo suite, etc.

the Discount/Promo Code expires on 8/17/07.

Promo Code: WSRVRNWS

more info here

Sounds nice, tho FirstDefence-ISR doesn’t sound like anything for me. Also I already got PerfectDisk 8 PRO, I uh… found it somewhere :wink:


Hehehe ;D

For FirstDefense-ISR take a look here