First time Comodo user seeking usage advice

Thank you for taking the time to read this and helping me out.

Here is some system info: Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit with all updates

Safety programs I use:

  1. Malwarebytes (only when needed)
  2. Sprybot S&D (only when needed)
  3. Prevx 3.0 (always running)
  4. Avira Free version (always running)
  5. Comodo free firewall (defense + security level off)

I have installed Comodo and I am using all default setting except for the fact that I deactivated the (defense + security level).

Is Comodo free firewall better than the stock Windows 7 firewall? Should I just uninstall Comodo free firewall?

Do you have any recommendations for any tweaking I should do?

I don’t think its a good idea to have two Spyware programs running at the same time which is why I deactivated the (defense + security level) feature. Should I have it run along side Avira’s malware program?

I don’t think its a good idea to have two Spyware programs running at the same time which is why I deactivated the (defense + security level) feature.

Defense+ Is a HIPS Host Intrusion Prevention System. It is not an anti spyware scanner.
HIPS system will notice system changes and prevent the action by default or notify the user for permission.

This video might help you understand a bit more about Comodo…

If I was you, Id either use Comodo as the full security suite With defense+ and probably disable avira free or disable both avira free and prevx.

I’d also get rid of Spybot S&D… In my opinion… You don’t need it… It’s not as good as it used to be.

Thank you for the advice. I have to say that you turned my entire world upside down haha. I will keep the HIPS active but as for removing Prevx and Avira I am bit nervous. Is the Comodo security suite free? I use Avira free because, well, it’s free lol.

Did u pay for Prevx ??? If you didn’t then you don’t get malware removal, Which sux. If you did pay for it… keep it by all means! Avira is a good AV, The nag screen sux though. Thats only reason why I’d get rid of it and replace with comodo’s. MBAM I’d keep for sure. Great little guy :slight_smile:

Yes Comodo is free. Comodo Pro includes Wifi\Pc Live PC support costs money.
You get exactly the same protection as you do with the pro version.

Nope, didn’t pay for Prevx. Ok, I am going to take the plunge. I will uninstall Avira free and install Comodo Internet Security. I will keep MBAM.

Should I Uninstall the current Comodo software before installing Comodo Internet Security?

When you start the CIS uninstaller you will get the choice between removing/adding components and uninstalling it. Choose the remove/add and you can install the AV.

dyingslow - your using Comodo V4 right? V4 adds a few nice things and is much quieter.

Yes, I believe I am. At the moment I am using it with all default stuff. Do you have any advice?

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once you get the total suite installed the safer configuration is proactive mode
to enable this go to the more… tab and click manage my configurations and highlight proactive mode and click the activate button. with this mode there are more popups from comodo but its more secure

Your good to go ;D Have any other questions \ problems just ask here and we’ll help.