First impressions of CIS v12.2.2.7062 [unofficial release topic]

Did you follow the procedure as described here: /etc/hosts on Windows · GitHub ? If you don’t follow it you won’t be able to save changes you made.

Next time please describe in more detail what is not working.

Upgrade from build 7036 on Win 10 2004 x64 (19041.508).

Installed as a CIS update from 7036 on 3 systems now, all running Win 10 x 64 Pro - 2004 (19041.508) with the lighter database being used. Tested through several Reboots and cold starts

No issues and everything running well

Thank you so much for your clarification! Sorry for my approximation in posting the help request, but it’s quite difficult to “use” another language too … and (my) mistake is waiting just around the corner! :embarassed:

Could I ask for v12.2.2.7062 links of Comodo Cleaning Essentials? I could snip it from my installation for x64, but I’d like (and probably not only me) to have x86 around as well.

McAfee AV has recognised fusion.dll as trojan horse (rnd/genric.dx).


If we have CIS download the heavier database and then switch to the light database, will CIS retain all the signatures, or will the old sigs get over-written when CIS updates again with the light database? I’m trying to figure out if we can have our cake and it it too. Or is building this sort of database on our PCs impractical?

Official release topic Comodo Internet Security 2019 v12.2.2.7062 Beta 2 is now available for download