First impressions: CPF 2 vs. Zone Alarm Free 6

Just wanted to give my first impressions.

I was using Zone Alarm Free for about 3 years.

Zone Alarm did a good jub but every new version or update the program consumed more system resoruces (mainly RAM). In my computer the used memory was 12 MB aprox.

Also heard other users opinions that ZA was using lot of system resources.

So dediced to start looking for another free firewall software.

Recently I heard about Comodo Personal Firewall and so read the information about the product and decided to give it a try.

At first I noticed that CPF was taking like 30 MB of my system memory (wich is 512 MB) but despite that I noticed my computer working slightler faster. So Continue working and configuring my programs with CPF.

It’s important to tell you that I use a program to monitor RAM and eventually free it, and so I noticed that my free memory was more now thatn when using Zone Alarm Free.

Checked my task manager and noticed that CPF was using just 6-7 MB of RAM !!! and the Comodo Launch Pad just 392 KB or so !!!

Now I’m on my second day with CPF and I’m satisfied with the product !! very stable very robust and maybe a bit complex to configure compared to Zone Alamr. But I’m getting used and what is really important is the fact that my computer has more free ram and works slightly faster !!!

I’ve one idea and don’t know if I’m correct. But it seems to me that CPF makes a good sustem resource handling (and freeing).

Well, I’ll continue using this great app. This demonstrate that there is still pretty good freeware.

Thumbs up for Comodo staff !!!

Yes, I’m also a pleased user who wants to thank the Comodo staff and want to add that Comodo now passes all the leaktests, whereas the free zone alarm does really badly on the leaktests :wink:

My computer works well and I feel more protected than what I ever have done, so keep up the good work Comodo ;D


I started using comodo ver 1 when it was released and have always had good results .
Version 1 memory usage was around 15mb, version 2 run around 30-34 mb.My system is an athlon64 3400+,xp pro OS,1GB ram.
IMO, the higher memory usage doesn’t bother me( I mean isn’t your memory there to be used? )If a computer is that low on memory then it’s time for an upgrade.

But have you noticed that while you use your computer, the used memory for CPF diminish? or when you have a lot of applications open it also diminish?

As i said in my first post. For me this behaviour demonstrates how good CPF is programmed since it’s note like ZA wich always remains betwen 15-20 MB and never decrease !!!

I’ve noticed that CPF sometimes remain using just 6 MB.

I was a ZA user and now with CPF I can tell the difference not just in the much better security but in a efficient resoucer (memory) management and handling.

Comodo keep on that way, the software industry need efficient software and not just “bloated” software that consumes so much memory and do little or nothing

I’ve recently switched after using Norton, and after trialing PCguard, Netveda, ZoneAlarm, and Kerio and think this is by far the most advanced of all firewalls in terms of protection. It also uses the least resources (epecially compared to Norton)

Also, I found the interface really appealing and easy and not boring like many of the others.