first impressions Comodo AntiVirus...


I’m new to this forum and to Comodo products. I have downloaded and am trying out Comodo AntiVirus 1.1 beta, Build Version

My first impressions: It installed without any hiccup, activated without any problems, and updated with no difficulties. I was also immediately struck with it’s appearance: very attractive looking GUI, and simply laid out making it quick to find what one is looking for. And after looking through it’s Settings, it appears to offer plainly marked settings for a user to change without their feeling overwhelmed.

So far I Like what I see.

As to it’s underlying functionality, scan engine and disinfection rate, etc., I can only hope, and place my trust in it’s creators, that it too will excel in these absolutely essential and necessary capabilities. In this matter only time will tell.

And from what I read, there is ongoing continuing development on your products, thus we the beneficiaries can look forward to further enhancements in them. What’s not to like there. :slight_smile:

That’s it for now. I just wanted to write a few lines about my initial experience with your (and now mine ;-)) AntiVirus product.

Comodo AntiVirus certainly looks and “feels” to be a professional and exceptional program. Thank you for your very generous (and free!) offering.


Hi Laurence,

Welcome to Comodo I’m sure you will enjoy the products, and remember they can only get better. If you have any wishes for future CAV releases just put them in the wishlist and see if the developers implement your ideas.



Hey Laurence,

Please bear in mind that Comodo Anti Virus (CAV) is still a beta product. It’s detection rate is good but it is not at the level of the major anti virus products - yet. I have every confidence that it will achieve this, but it will take time.

In the interim, if you are going to run CAV, I would recommend that you periodically run an on-line scanner from another company (sorry, Melih ;)) or install a second anti virus product (it’s important to NOT install any realtime module from this second AV prodcut, though). Two heads are generally better than one.

Again, welcome to the forums and feel free to ask any questions on the forums. They are a great bunch here with a wide range of experience and are only too happy to help (time anf effort permitting). Remember, the only truly dumb questions is the one that doesn’t get asked.

Ewen :slight_smile:

Thanks Laurence

I love your attitude and your ownership of the AV product! Its exactly what we are hoping, for people to claim these products as thier own products! And come and help us make them better! afterall who are we improving these products for!!

Detection rate is constantly improving! There will be some major milestones that we will be crossing in July with detection rate. And we will continue to improve. We are also bringing in preventative technologies which will help catch even the unknown viruses…

So bear with us and keep helping us and thank you for your feedback.