first free scan stuck on "awaiting scan" - reports page shows "scan error"

First experience with hackerguardian freepci scan - used setup wizard and launched scan – just stays on “awaiting scan” status with no other feedback. Have attempted to run the scan multiple times. When checking reports page, it shows “scan error” at the time of each scan start. So, with that amount of nearly zero feedback, I have no idea what to do to correct this. And, if there is a known “scan error” at the start as the reports page indicates, why does the scan page stay stuck on “awaiting scan”, and why is there not additional detail on the reports page as to what the “scan error” is?
My site domain name is correct, and site is working fine, and SSL certificate is valid, and its from Comodo; there are bruteforce attack firewall settings in effect that prevent multiple failed logins and generally conservative security settings in place, but I can’t see these or anything else being a reason for a “scan error”.

I suspect that your aforementioned firewall settings are what’s producing the scan errors. The scanner can’t do its job if a connection cannot be made or if scans are abruptly being interrupted by an outside actor.

According to the following Knowledgebase Article, you may need to whitelist one or more ranges of IPs.

CIDR: which translates to: through
CIDR: which translates to through

If all else fails, I suggest you log a support ticket via to the HackerGuardian department and Support can potentially provide you with a more in-depth analysis as to why the service can’t connect to your site.