First feels - questions etc.

Today I’ve installed COMODO Internet Security.
I didn’t installed GeekBuddy. It found malware (false positive) and showed a popup through the entire screen (Warning active malware found. Clean with certified microsoft expert?) - GeekBuddy?!.

1) I’ve noticed that Comodo Cleaning Essentials has repair abillities of disabled Windows functions. Why COMODO internet security don’t? Please add It to CIS too! Please please please!

2) Can I disable that big popup with infection found somehow?

3) Why does COMODO want me to do full scan at install? It does takes days… Why Isn’t Smart Scan enough? :-X

This might be helpful.
How to Install Comodo Firewall

Thanks for reply. So I soluted problem with displaying that I have to perform full scan.
Other things are still unkown to me.
BTW COMODO is still really cool! Free and without ads! Sandbox and other cool stuff! Reduce false positives and It’d be best antivirus on the world.