如题,这个功能其实是Windows Firewall control最先加入的。加入右键菜单后,创建Firewall 規格將會非常容易和易用。比如在一個程序文件夾中,需要把好多個.exe加入防火墻規格,就可以用.exe搜索搜索功能把.exe文件過濾出來,然后全選,再右鍵點擊加入規格,這樣會方便許多。HIPS也一樣。。。希望有這個改進。


As the title, this feature is actually the first to join Windows Firewall control. After adding the context menu, creating a Firewall spec will be very easy and easy to use. For example, in a program folder, you need to add a lot of .exe to the firewall specification, you can use the .exe search and search function to filter out the .exe file, then select all, then right click to add the specification, which will be more convenient. The same is true for HIPS. . . I hope to have this improvement.

I hope this feature can create one or more .exe file specifications at once, with batch functionality, which will be a major update. Creating specifications for users will be much easier.