I can print on a network printer when Comodo firewall is disabled but when I enable the firewall I can no longer print. Question,what port must I open to access the networked printer and what should I name the rule(if that is relevant). ???

For anyone to help, you need to provide some more information:

How is the printer connected in the network?
What kind of network do you have?
Is the firewall in question installed on client computer or printer host computer? (If these questions are proper on your setup.)
What does your firewall log tell you?
Have you allowed spooler process the network access?

From Microsoft

Print Spooler The Print Spooler system service manages all local and network print queues and controls all print jobs. Print Spooler is the center of the Windows printing subsystem. It manages the print queues on the system and communicates with printer drivers and input/output (I/O) components, such as the USB port and the TCP/IP protocol suite.

System service name: Spooler
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Application protocol Protocol Ports
NetBIOS Datagram Service UDP 138
NetBIOS Name Resolution UDP 137
NetBIOS Session Service TCP 139
Note The Spooler service uses RPC over named pipes. This service has the same firewall requirements as those of the “File and Printer Sharing” feature.

So basically you need to open NetBIOS and SMB ports for traffic inside your LAN. I’m sure you’ll find all the info you need from MS website.