I need to install “comodo firewall pro”, I had and were using cis ver 3.8.64739.471. Yesterday while I was gone, my daughter was using system and she “said that the cis progrtam updated itself”, and afterward the (at&t dsl yahoo! e-mail went crazy). she shut down system and when I got home, started sys and it loaded good but could not log-in to email, tride to do a restore point (tried the last 4) after each restart popup stated system could not be restored to that restore point, that is when I tried 3 more.
I have gotten my e-mail fixed with help from att. but restore still doesn’t work. All applications seem to work.
Prior to working with e-mail I uninstalled cis and installed avast and microsoft firewall.
Now since I want comodo, how/where can I get just the firewall pro download.
After CIS is more stable I will try it again. Even though I only use the default install, (Do not know how to work with configuring networks or othe settings.

you can try to find some older build on free hosting sites like filehippo, but the mods now were you can find older builds of the firewall on comodo servers… you can send a personal message to them :wink:

Thanks DaRtH for the link for cfp.
can anyone comment on losing use of system restore while using latest version of cis

well, the loose of system restore is definately not a good thiing… I do not consider CIS as a " finished" product and this might be a bug… You can specify your problems with CIS that you consider as a bug in the bug section of the CIS board.