Hi there,
I have read in another forum that some firewalls’ allow ‘secret connections’ of other software to their site of origin. Is this the case with Comodo firewall allowing these type of back door communications?
I have quoted the article so as to correctly represent the meaning of the article as I understand it to be. I would appreciate your comment & hope that Comodo doesn’t allow these to ‘slip’ thru.
I’m on ‘custom & learning’ with the new firewall V.3. I really like it too. Have been using Comodo for some years now, both the Antivirus & the Firewall, more recently the BO Clean;

Quote:(From - Terry’s Computer Tips Newsletter
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“Do you want Windows Media Player to call home every time you play something? It does! Do you use the Search function in Windows Explorer to find things on your hard drive? Did you know that every time you search, Windows Explorer talks to Microsoft — I didn’t know that when I ran ZoneAlarm, but the Sunbelt Kerio Personal Firewall flags that for me, and I can stop or allow it to happen.”

Hi Mike

CFP-3 is very configurable. If you go to Firewall → advanced → network security policy → application rules, you should remove the “allow” rule for windows explorer and for windows media player and replace them with a block and log rule. Remember to click “apply”. They will not phone home after the rule change. You can do this with any applications that you do not want to access the internet. See my example for Explorer in the screenshot.

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