firewall + windows 2003 enterprise on virtual vmware machine


I installed w2003 server enterprise lately on my virtual vmware computer for tests. I installed latest comodo firewall and it doesnt run. When installing it i got ask from system to find a file named Inspect.sys. I copied it from my windows xp machine but its not good enough. Firewall is initializing very long and it shows all modules are turned off. Information from firewall is that I should reinstall it. But it doesnt help.

Anyone tried comodo firewall on w2003 enterprise?

Hi czysciciel - welcome to the forum.

CFP 2.4 does support Windows 2003 Server Enterprise, but only 32-bit:

Windows 2000 (32 bit ALL) Windows XP (32 bit ALL) Windows 2003 (32 bit ALL)

I’m guessing you have the 64-bit version if such error occurs. Unfortunately, I believe CFP 3 only supports XP & Vista.

Hello Soya,

Thank you for the answer. Yes my windows is 64bit.

I hope CFP3 will support servers as well! It would be great.