Firewall will not Update

Just had a popup that the Comodo Firewall has an update but when I click to download it I get:

Vendor sha: The system cannot find the file specified.

Any suggestions as to how to update?


Hey and Welcome!

look at the link that’s in my signature.


I got the same message today, as did the 1st post on this thread?

Try updating Valentin. I’m willing to bet you’ll see the same message.

Edit: Looks like they’ve either fixed it or the servers were just getting hammered. My update just went through.

Must have been server problem of over subscribing. Just tried to update now and it has gone OK.

Thanks for the replies.


My update went with no error :slight_smile:


I guess you didn’t see the part of the the post you quoted that I said it was fixed? ???

a okey. sorry :slight_smile: