firewall v3 startup

Can anyone explain or know the answer as to why the firewall is not always starting with windows?The windows firewall is switched off ! It appaers to be on a ratio of 60/40 starting most of the times when the computer is started the other not starting at all. In other words i am having to start it manually which worries me as the kids use the computer also which means they would be connected to the net with no firewall running. I am running vista buisness edition with a new install and sp1 installed it has been running ok for a change apart from this one problem. If anyone has any answers or ideas please respond thankyou Simon.


I too had the same concerns, but only once in every hundred start-ups.

I was concerned when the Comodo Shield icon failed to appear in the notification tray (extreme right of task bar).
I used to just restart the P.C. Now I don’t bother - I launch Windows task manger, and with Applications Tab sorted in name order, I find near the top
I always find them there, even when the icon is missing from the notification tray.

I am using Windows XP which has a slight reputation for various things not appearing in the notification tray.
Quite often I start up without the icons for volume control; or safely remove hardware; or ESET antivirus.

You are using Windows Vista which may be better - my preferred spelling is beta, as in “It is only a BETA version release” !!!