Firewall V3 (DEFENSE+) preventing explorer.exe (the desktop) from loading

Someone please help…

I installed version 3 of the Firewall software. It great, except that apparently through much tweaking, testing, screaming and cussing I figured out that Defense+ is preventing explorer.exe from running. Upon bootup I sign in and the desktop does NOT show up but I can hit ctrl-alt-del to bring up process explorer (I use that instead of task manager but still all the same mostly) Anyways I can launch any application including explorer.exe as long as I select RunAs and use my login credentials. If I just choose Run then it says that I don’t have access to that driver or permissions (I THINK this mays say it’s not a valid 32bit app but I’m not sure about it… doesn’t matter much cause it’s not a corrupted file/driver… I can launch everything from RunAs) When I change the settings and disable Defense+ the system boots normally and all is well. I have tried ‘adding explorer as a trusted app’ (not sure of the exact terminology I should be using… I read another post relating to that. Even though I added it and gave it “full access” it still will not allow it to load on its own automatically. I have Norton 360 installed as well but disabled that firewall software thinking that it could conflict with it even prior to launching V3 of Comodo. I have ruled out a lot of things and it simply seems to be Defense+ is no allowing explorer.exe to run with out my explicit credidentials eventhough I log into the system.

Does anyone out there have any ideas how I can fix this? I like the concept of Defense+ and I would like to run it on my system… unfortunately I guess I like to have a desktop as well :stuck_out_tongue:

I have read a good number of posts and googled the hell out of this. That is why I am posting this.

Additionally I read this post which gave me no real answers… same problem I believe however I got farther than these people;

Try to set Defense+ to training mode and reboot.