Firewall Update

Am a new user, have tried to update firewall 6 times, get from 17% to 94% and get msg “Error 109: Update could not be completed. Internet connection got lost halfway (?) during download of update.”
The internet connection is still good!
I am on dialup 28K normally, 31K on a good day
Any help would be appreciated as this seems to be a great product…but is no use if it can’t be updated easily.

Hi Phil & Welcome!

This is common for dialup users unfortunately :frowning: I suggest you download the latest .439 and peform a clean install, I know 25MB is alot for dialup, sorry you have go through that but this is what is suggested by users and moderators.

If not, I can break up parts of Comodo Internet Security using a nice little tool I just got. :slight_smile: And send you via email. Latest version:


Thanks for the offer Josh, but will just download the program again and reinstall as my download manager downloads the pgm ok, its just time on the phoneline…AGH!! :slight_smile: