Firewall update error

This is my first post.
I’m continually receiving notice that an update is available for my Comodo Firewall. I always say “Yes”; the details indicate the same update: Sept. 18, 2009. I finally went into the console to try a manual update and this method failed as well.
I received the following message:
Error 113: Update could not be completed.
Seems Internet connection lost halfway during update download.
Please check your Internet connection and retry.

My internet connection has no problem; every other software update runs properly and my browsing, as well as my downloading, functions normally.

I’m running WinXP SP2 / IE7 / Intel 3.0 GhZ (HT) / 3 GB DDR2.

Any feedback is deeply appreciated.

What version of CIS are you using?

I’m in the same boat. Updated my desktop just fine a couple of days ago but my laptop keeps getting 113 using the same internet connection with Vista Ultimate and product version 3.12.111745.560. I think it’s a COMODO problem as my connection works with any other application.

Same issue here. I’m running version 3.12.111745.560. I’ve attempted updating several times and always get the error.

Tried three more times, always 113. Finally with a 40 minute download it did work.

I have the same error. 3.13.120417.573 version.