Firewall traffic rules processing order.

To get a clear picture of the Firewall rules processing order for outgoing and incoming traffic:

The Firewall Application Rules list and the Firewall Global Rules list are being processed from top to bottom.
Does this top to bottom processing order apply for both outgoing and incoming traffic?
Is the attached image correct or should the direction of the two small red arrows be reversed (so bottom to top order) for incoming traffic?

Move Up and Move Down - Rules are prioritized top-to-bottom, with those at the top having the higher priority. The 'Move Up' and 'Move Down' buttons let you change the priority of a selected rule.
This true for all rule interfaces such as HIPS and the auto-containment rules.

Thank you for the answer…
So “Rules are prioritized top-to-bottom” also applies to the incoming traffic and the modified image that I had attached in the opening post is the correct interpretation of the processing order for both outgoing and incoming traffic, correct?

My understanding and traffic image is correct I presume?