Firewall tested by Gibson Research Corporation failed

Hi Guys,

Just ran the “Common Port” test using Gibson Research Corporation at GRC | ShieldsUP! — Internet Vulnerability Profiling  , but failed with the following result which is shown as below.

I am using CIS with Windows XP Home Edition behind ASUS WL-520GU router; and did not modify or change any rule in CIS nor router.

Does anyone have the same experience? Any help or suggest is highly appreciated, thanks a lot!

GRC Port Authority Report created on UTC: 2009-02-09 at 08:41:16

Results from scan of ports: 0, 21-23, 25, 79, 80, 110, 113,
119, 135, 139, 143, 389, 443, 445,
1002, 1024-1030, 1720, 5000

0 Ports Open
1 Ports Closed

25 Ports Stealth

26 Ports Tested

NO PORTS were found to be OPEN.

The port found to be CLOSED was: 21

Other than what is listed above, all ports are STEALTH.

TruStealth: FAILED - NOT all tested ports were STEALTH,
- NO unsolicited packets were received,
- NO Ping reply (ICMP Echo) was received.

Hello JoH,

This scan result is showing your Routers config because that’s listening to the address GRC is scanning.
Looks like your router has send a TCP RST packet to GRC for accessing the ftp port of it.

From what i have read on other forums it looks like it’s a “default” setting, i guess you have to go and look for some firewall option on the external interface, or maybe disable it’s internal ftp service ?

Hello Ronny,

Thank you for your time and suggestion!

Will check again the router configuration if “port 21” is closed or listening; and of course work on the external interface. Hoping good news will be posted soon.

Thanks again!