Firewall test fails


According to this test, there are some vulnerabilities to Comodo firewall:,139&TCPc=&TCPi=21,22,23,25,79,80,110,113,119,143,389,443,445,1002,1024,1025,1026,1027,1028,1029,1030,1720,5000&tmp_exec=23.22#

TCP ports # 135 & 139 remain wide open by default.

my firewall is working for me!
Comodo Internet Security Premium
Firefox 52.9.0 (ESR)

[i]"Félicitation ! Votre sécurité semble optimale !

La totalité des ports TCP testés sont masqués, votre ordinateur ne donne donc aucune réponse aux tests de ports effectués. Votre machine est donc invisible aux yeux de pirates potentiels."[/i],22,23,25,79,80,110,113,119,135,139,143,389,443,445,1002,1024,1025,1026,1027,1028,1029,1030,1720,5000&tmp_exec=25.03

GRC test is ok…
“ALL PORTS tested were found to be: STEALTH.”

I use the free version with Win10 Pro.

you can discard these test and try this settings

Routers already come with firewall protection;
To test the protection of the comodo firewall we must use a “dial up” connection direct (our PC is the Internet signal authenticator).

Comodo Firewall has several issues and security fixes that needs to be fixed positively in the 2024 stable release.