Firewall switched off after start up of pc

Since a few days the Comodo Firewall is not running when I start up the pc. A recommended short analysis says: no defects found (or something similar). Yet: no firewall active (red mark on Comodo icon) so unprotected.

When I reboot the firewall is active again. I’ve had this the past three days.
Two questions: 1. What’s going on here and what can I do? 2. Why does the Comodo Firewall not give me a clear warning when it is not active. I get hundreds of warnings of this Firewall and I do not get a message when it’s not active so I am unprotected on the internet (only the Comodo icon with a red stroke, which is not a clear message)?
There’s also no option in the program to switch it on as yet. The only thing I can do is to shut down and start up the computer and wait what will happen.

Regards and thanks for any reactions on this matter.


Did you change anything on your computer that has to do with security? Installed a new security program for example?

You mention rebooting the computer makes the firewall work again. Next time it happens can you close down the computer and then start up again? That is to see if it related to a cold boot or not.

I did install some small programs: Roku Radio Snooper and VLC Media Player. They look safe to me.
Where I mentioned reboot I did a close down and a start up (i.c. cold start).
Today Comodo Firewall is functioning normal.
When it’s disfunctioning again I shall reïnstall the Firewall.


Ok. Keep us posted.