Firewall stopped working


Today i noticed that my firewall is not working. It shows no traffic and when i click to stop all activities i can still surf the web ( i couldn’t when it was working as it should).
It didn’t report any error and the icon shows up on the task bar as usual.
I ran the diagnostics tool and it found some errors, but couldn’t fix them.
Here is a screenshot where you can see it shows no traffic:

Don’t know if it has something to do with it, but the currency converter gadget on the side bar is not updating and the Network Meter gadget stopped showing my IP.

I use Vista 64, Avira Anti-virus and Superantispyware.

Any help?

Thanks in advance.

Do A Clean Install Of Comodo Firewall

Well, i used System Restore to go back to before installing today’s Comodo updates and it solved the problem. So, i came to the conclusion these lastest updates are causing the problem. But i will have to update later, so what to do?

3.9 Final should have this problem fully resolved.