Firewall still blocks Citrio

I’ve already reported this issue ( and was advised to report a bug.
The software is whitelisted, but Comodo Firewall still blocks its actions. All HID settings are default.

Using the latest Firewall available from the site, plus updates. Reinstalling didn’t help.
File attached.

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From the picture in your other topic we see Citrio is not allowed to allow explorer.exe in memory. That is expected behaviour.

Trusted or white listed programs are not allowed to access protected executables in memory. It is part of the protection CIS offers. *.exe files are protected files. When needed CIS can be set to allow memory access to individual applications in case it is required for a program to function.

It is not a bug and I moving this post to the help section.

I just did a rating lookup with your attached executable and it was rated as unknown even though it is digitally signed, you can however override comodo’s rating in the file list and mark it as trusted. If you still get alerts from your application make sure HIPS/defense+ is set to safe mode.

I understand that and I don’t need a local solution.
When new users who are running Comodo Firewall come across this notification, this might unreasonably prevent them from using the browser. I’d like to solve this issue, so that the firewall does not display these alerts by default.

That’s understandable and it seems you already submitted citrio to the submit files to be added to the whitelist thread but it seems it has yet to be whitelisted so it make take some time. I also want to thank you in pointing out this browser as I have tried running the offline installer and even though I set the installer to trusted I still get alerts. I can add this to the bug which makes comodo display alerts for trusted installers when it shouldn’t.

I was told that the browser has already been whitelisted, hence my concerns. Please do add it to the bug list. I’d really appreciate if this could be resolved soon as it’s already taken several weeks.

What you want is to become a Trusted Software Vendor. That in combination with the digital signatures will have CIS treat your programs as trusted in the future once Catalina is vetted.

I think your company had whitelisted an individual installer or separate executables of (a) particular version(s). Each time the browser gets updated it doesn’t get trusted anymore because the installer and executables changed.

To become a Trusted Software Vendor go to the following page: Comodo Firewall | Get Best Personal Firewall Software for $29.99 A Year .

In case you would like to white list individual installers or executables you can do that in Submit Applications Here To Be Whitelisted - 2015. It is also possible for users to ask for a vendor to be a trusted vendor in that topic. But companies also have the other option.

For the time being you can instruct your users to add Catalina Group Limited to the Trusted Vendor List and submit any new installer in Submit Applications Here To Be Whitelisted - 2015 while waiting to become a trusted vendor. If the installer is trusted CIS will trust the files installed by the installer with default settings.

I hope the above clears up the mysteries of CIS and whitelisting.

Thank you. I’ll try following these instruction and hope it’ll help.

Keep me posted. If you need more help or clarification please do not hesitate to ask.

CIS has a learning curve as you probably noticed but once used to it it a great piece of security software.

So. I’ve submitted Catalina Group for the Trusted Vendor list some time ago. There was no response and the software is still getting blocked.
Is there somebody I can contact regarding the matter, to learn what’s wrong?

I sent a pm to three members of the first response group inquiring. I will let you know when they respond.