Firewall start with windows XP anymore..Help!!

Hi All!!Thank you for this wonderful piece of sofware!! (V)

I am encountering this irritating problem.From the past few days the firewall doesn’t start with windows anymore.I have to manually turn it on everytime I start Windows XP.It used to work fine earlier.msconfig shows the firewall is selected to start with windows. I didn’t make any major system changes before this started happening.

Any solution to this problem is welcome!!


This might be of some help:

Firewall Doesn’t Automatically Start Up,2728.0.html,6515.0.html,9894.0.html

Else, try this:

System Tray Icon Does Not Appear on Taskbar,1732.0.html,1803.0.html


Ok…So I just checked the registry entry posted in the second link you gave and noticed that the path there specified “cfp.exe”.But when I opened the Comdo/firewall directory through explorer the file was named “cpf.exe”.msconfig too showed the enrty as cfp.exe.So I just changed the filename from cpf.exe to cfp.exe.Working fine now.


One more thing.Now each time I start windows,the firewall window shows up instead of silent startup like earlier.Any idea why this happens now??

Is /background added in the autostart path?
Like this “C:\Program Files\Comodo\cfp.exe” /background ?