Firewall slow down network speed(upload) dramatically or even crashes-BUGREPORT

after installation of comodo firewall, my upload speed in my home network(Windows file transfer) is very slow. With big files windows explorer and file progress dialog crashes every time. with small files transfer starts after a long time, but the upload speed ist about 20 KB/s, instead of 10 MB/s. Download speed is fine.
if i exit the firewall the same problem exists. only after complete uninstall of comodo everything works fine again. there is no cpu usage of any process while transferring files.
i also tried ftp connection, it´s the same problem. upload is only about 50 KB/s.
the same problem was in RC1, but i thought in final release the problem could be fixed. but it´s not.
I use vista 64 ultimate(German version). intel core 2 duo processor.

Does anyone have an idea ? Or does anyone have the same problem ?
(Sorry for my english, i hope i described it understandable)

I have a similar issue, but I’m not sure this should be in the ‘bugs’ section. As this topic hasn’t received a reply in months, I’m going to raise another question in ‘help for v3’.