Firewall slightly blocking my internet connection? (please help)

So… for the past couple of days now… I’ve been having problems with my internet connection on my Windows 7 ASUS laptop.

MalwareBytes won’t update. It only goes to a certain percentage, stops, and does nothing else.

I also can’t seem to download anything on my FireFox, I can’t even update my FireFox. It does the same with with MalwareBytes. It goes to a certain percentage/number, stops, and does nothing else.

YouTube videos also only load for a couple of seconds before it just stops and load nothing else.

I just got off the phone with ASUS Technical Support and they said it was a security issue with my third party software.

My third party software is Comodo Firewall and avast! Free Antivirus.

The weirdest part is this did not occur on my Windows Vista Dell Desktop computer.

So can you guys help me out here? Is it my Comodo Firewall causing the issue or is it my avast Free Antivirus causing the issue?

Can someone please help me out here? I’d really appreciate it.

Thank you.

Nevermind. It was a problem with my Avast and I have fixed it.

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