Firewall safe list

Where can i see all the program some firewall say are safe?

Safe list?

Do you mean the COMODO while list? You can see all the trusted vendors that CIS treats as safe, by going to Defense+ > My Trusted Software Vendors. Besides that, there is no way to tell exactly what programs are in the safe list. There are currently millions, and it is constantly growing.


Is not possible to seach in the safe list?

You can search for a specific vendor in this window with CTRL F

The trusted vendors in CIS, yes.
The “actual” COMODO database of whitelisted apps that CIS contacts, no.

Are trusted veldors also trusred by firewall?

You’ll still get a pop-up alert if a program tries to run that is listed in the trusted software vendors list (the program executable will be signed by that company). However, it will inform you that that particular program is a known safe file, as opposed to one that is not known.

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