Firewall Rules

Hi everybody

Just started using v4.0.135239.742. Firstly, It appears that there is no method to clear the logs as before? Secondly, when prompted to allow a new application to access the internet, electing a predefined policy such as outgoing only, seems to result in a semi-random custom policy being set which I then have to go back and edit to achieve the desired. I do not use defense+. I also do not use the realtime virus scanner (and haven’t since v3.12 as I have a lot of files on my HDDs, and cmdagent seems to hog my E8400 CPU dramatically). Incidentally, on installation, Comodo 4.0 set a global rule which circumvented the firewall - nice!

Obviously quite a big improvement, thank you all, but I think I will stick with Sandboxie for the moment untill we have more tried an tested testimonies for the security of the new built in Sandbox. Would definitely like to see some indication as to when a program is actually sandboxed as well as being able to choose the location of the sandboxed files.



Yeah for me comodo 4 just does outbound. Inbound nothing at all. No prompts no nothing. when configured inbound works verrrry slow . Sometimes. For the moment this version ain’t ready.