Firewall Rules Management

I’ve just gone and attempted to take what other people have wished and wrapped it into some of my recent work.

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  • Sort, search, and edit in-line.
  • Quickly toggle whether application activity should be logged or not.
  • Simplified application name for more novice users.
  • Quickly toggle, via drop-down, through various policies.
  • Import or export just a single set of rules.
  • Sort, search, and edit in-line, for rules in a rule set.
  • Table view, allowing for more powerful sorting and in-line editing.
  • In the event that a rule is added, removed, or changed under a predefined, block all, allow all, or ask all policy, the policy type for the application will change to “custom”.
  • This should go without saying but each column can be shown or hidden via right-click menu, allowing the user to customize their UI to their liking.

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I like the general idea but what is the default view, collapsed or expanded. If collapsed, the ‘Treat As’ needs an indicator for mixed/custom rules. For example, I have application that’s allowed access to the LAN but is prevented from connecting to the Internet. That aside, it’s vastly better than CIS 6 currently.

Allow All - Green check and “Allow All” (as shown in images)
Block All - Red x-mark and “Block All” (as shown in images)
Ask All - Yellow question mark and “Ask All” (not currently shown)

Predefined Ruleset - Blue “P” and “[name of ruleset]” (as shown in images)
Custom ruleset - Blue “C” and “Custom” (not currently shown)

Good grief what on earth are you trying to achieve…?
It looks a confusing mess.
Please leave the GUI to the developers and stop with this nonsense. >:-D

… I am, and have been, leaving the GUI to the developers. It’s wholly up to them whether they take anything from these mock-ups.

That said… these are works in progress and I do agree they are currently rather messy. The goal from this point, barring suggestions for more functionality, is to cut down on the clutter.

Not bad at all. I can appreciate the work.