Firewall Program Rules Not Working After Hotspot Shield Connects

My Config for firewall is Custom Rules Policy and I’ve blocked some programs , But after Hotspot Shield connects , All blocked applications can connects to Internet, Tested on Two PCs.
What’s the problem? How to fix it?

Most likely because the comodo firewall filter driver is not checked/enabled in the hotspot shield adapter properties. Or the the adapter is not supported.

Comodo Firewall NDIS is Enabled and Checked but after connecting Hotspot the interface is still disconnected.Im not sure the Hotspot uses this Interface/Driver or not??If not the problem is somewhere else.

Yeah I see it also hides the adapter, I also noticed that connections are done through the hydra executable over port 443. Once hydra was blocked no connections could be made to the internet. I think the kernel driver that is used for the adapter does packet manipulation to tunnel traffic.

So, any solution to filter traffic?

I don’t think so as all connections go through hydra it seems. I think all other firewalls would have the same problem due to the nature of how hotspot shield works.