firewall problem for desktop

Hi everyone I need help I just installed a free comodo firewall on my computer and I noticed it was slowing my computer down so I removed the program on add and remove programs then I seen it was still on my computer so I erased some of it and the rest couldn’t be removed and now I can’t get on the internet at all so what should I do I need help asap and it also I don’t think my ip is on please help?

Welcome to the Forum, kenny922.

You could try to fully remove it with a tool such as Revo uninstaller, or Total Uninstall.

Its nothin I can do to unstall it myself I can’t get on the internet.does any one know what I can do to fix this?please

Forgive me but you are here. If you can’t get on the Internet, perhaps I am not really seeing this? Revo is 1M in size, TU is 4.5M in size. A memory stick or card could be used to transport these two.

Yea I am here by the internet on my phone not the computer.that’s why I’m asking what can I do to solve this problem the firewall is blocking my internet

Hey Kenny,

For anyone that reads this, to know if they could help.

You need to give more information.
Operating system?
If you still have the installer you downloaded before?, can it run?.
Reinstall or repair install just to get you going. slow is better than no.

If this works then we can go about a clean uninstall or work on other issues.


Ok I have windows xp and no it can’t run nore can it be repaired cause I took most of it out and It was the new free version of comodo I just got it yesterday and it when I try to get on line it won’t let me and when I did a connection check on my internet explorer it said WINDOWS HAS DETECTED A PROMLEM WITH THE WINSOCK CATALOG ON THIS COMPUTER.THIS CATALOG ALLOWS PROGRAMS TO COMMUNICATE WITH THIS COMPUTER ACROSS THE NETWORK.

Do you have System Restore enabled can you restore to a time before your Comodo install?

If not then.

Can you have your XP cd handy and run the command sfc /scannow?
a guide about sfc


how do i see if i have system restore enabled and how do i do it?

and no i dont have a xp cd to run the command is their any other way to do it or make it connect?

Right click My Computer icon and select Properties > System Restore tab to see if enabled.
If it is good.

To Do it go to

Start > All Programs > Accessories > System Tools > System Restore.

Follow the steps and choose a restore point from a date before the troubles.

thank you some much man i just did the system restore and it worked but i see the comodo is still on their do u know a way to fully get it off my computer

Where are you seeing it?

im still seeing it in my program files and it wont let me delete it

Can you see in Windows Task Manager if cmdagent.exe or cfp.exe are running?

To open task manager hit ctrl + alt + delete on your keyboard

Look on Processes tab.

Maybe better still, try this clean up bat file by Ragwing;msg259617#msg259617