Firewall Pro or Firewall Pro Plus? [Resolved]

Ready to give Comodo a try but need your help…

Firewall Pro or Firewall Pro Plus???

Please give me your comments, suggestions, recommendations. I don’t want to do one then learn that I should have done the other instead. Please help!



You need to know what the Plus is first. The Plus isnt a diiferent version of Comodo Firewall. A-Vsmart is a warranty in case you get infected. Read here.

Is this the only difference in the two products? Protection is the same, just that Pro Plus offers the warranty and/or professional installation if needed?

If both offer the same components/protection then I’ll go with Firewall Pro.

Yes they are the same. Make sure you have a good av. I use Avira Premium.

Thanks for your help VetteTech. Yes, Avira was my choice as well!


Hopefully not Avira free.

why ??? used avira FREE along with BOClean before using avast. it’s pretty good :Beer

No. Premium.

Since secureme’s question has been answered, I’m locking this thread before it becomes more off-topic :P0l