Firewall pro -attacks from China.

Just lately noticed my firewall events log is full of what I would say are attacks on my ip address.
Viewing the source of just some of these they are China ip,s and one I checked was Serbia.
The count this morning was 300 odd of these attempted infiltrations,
My questions are is this normal!!.
Can I do anything within Comodo Firewall pro to eradicate most if not all these attempts-they are being blocked by the way,it is disconcerting to see this happening.
Help!! please go easy though I find most of the firewall tabs on the interface a little difficult to get my head round, a simple walk thru would be ok or even a comment to say thats, just why you need a good firewall like pro would maybe ease my concerns.

Stealth ports to everyone using the stealth ports wizard. + Set firewall to Safemode.

Comodo is doing it’s job, Don’t worry :-TU

NOTE:: You could view rules that are already present on your computer by going too…
Comodo->Firewall->My network security policy.
If anything looks suspecious… Then simply remove them. :smiley:

Got it and thanks for the info ,
I wondered if that stealthing would do the trick-but i was a bit frightened to go ahead in case I might cause a problem and the nothing was allowed to enter my pc.
my firewall is set to safe mode.
Will everything still run or will I end up with a load of problems?

Stealthing does the trick in keeping unsolicited traffic out.

With running in Safe Mode you are absolutely secure. In Safe Mode CIS will only make rules for trusted applications and you will get alerts when an unknown application ask to access the web or to receive incoming traffic.

Incoming traffic you didn’t ask for will first see Global Rules and will get blocked. So, it stops before it can get in your computer.

Thanks Eric Jh,
for the additional info to my problem.
I have now stopped the firewall events logging but how do i clear it,-it has some 1549 events showing.

You can’t do that in the log application its self. There is a workaround for it that I hoped I had bookmarked; but apparently not.

Let’s hope somebody else passes by and enlightens us.

Doesn’t answer the “how to clear” question, but I think the default setting on install is to Delete the logfile and create new, once it reaches 20 MB. That’s under More / Settings / Logging. You can lower that value so that it will quickly create a new log, then increase it again if you like.

Might be a very crude workaround. Don’t know why they removed that ability from prior version…


Thanks for all the replys and advice given I,m just glad I,ve got
Comodo Firewall Pro installed. :-TU