Firewall prevents ICS from working until after Windows logon

I’m using Comodo Firewall on a Windows 10 machine configured to share its Internet connection to a second Ethernet port and act as a router for that local network (ICS).

Everything works well when I’m logged on to the Windows 10 machine.

However if I restart the Windows 10 machine and do not logon (just let it stay at the welcome screen), the Internet connection sharing and router functions do not work. Other PCs using the network connected to that second Ethernet port do not have internet access.

I’m pretty sure that the firewall is blocking all traffic until rules get loaded after logon.

I need the Internet connection sharing to be functional before logon in case the Windows 10 machine restarts when unattended, such as power outage (BIOS has been configured to automatically restart after power interruption).

Question: Can Comodo Firewall be configured to start operating fully before logon? Any configuration tricks in Windows that could make this work?

I tested another firewall product and it did not have this issue, but I would really prefer to use Comodo Firewall.

Note that I’m using Connectify software to provide the Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) and local network routing function, but I’m certain the same issue would occur if I were using Windows built-in ICS.

Thanks in advance for your help!

The ICS node of a LAN needs to be running with ‘root’, i.e., administrative, permissions before the host’s CIS protection can be implemented to benefit the LAN

Thanks WxMan1. So is there any way to configure Windows to give administrative permissions to the ICS node of the LAN before any user logs on?