Firewall popup stealing focus

Finally remembered to patch firewall to newest version but that give one big problem (aside ui that look like it is designed to work in small phone screen and hide everything behind way too many cliks). I use firewall in custom mode so to get alert everytime some new application try to communicate to internet, so I get those nice popups (which ui is horrible compared to old one), but those popups give couple problems that din’t have in old version: 1) popups steal focus from running apps 2) popups don’t remeber theyr last position anymore, I really liked old version where you could just dump those popups to second screen so I could just look that new alert whitout it taking focus of from my current app.

So is there any way to stop those popups stealing focus and is there way to make those popups to default to second monitor (preferably bottomleft corner but just somewhere in second moniotor whould be ok)?