Firewall popup message referring to wrong process?


Win 10x64, Comodo Firewall version

Lately, the firewall popup message said, that a process (“prison architect64.exe”) wants to access the internet. The destination didn’t make sense for that process. It was This happend twice, but I’ve ignored it.

Today it happened again, and that’s why I’m asking here: I’ve opened an URL in the browser (Firefox), let’s say, and the firewall popup message said that hwinfo64.exe (a hardware monitoring software running in the background) wants to access IP which resolves to the host name just opened in the browser. No, for sure, this software does not want to access that host. That’s why I’m assuming that the firewall popup message is showing the wrong process. I haven’t experienced this problem in the past, or I haven’t noticed it before.

Did you also already have this wrong correlation?


…Oh, I just see, a newer version is out, though, the release notes don’t handle this issue. That’s why I’m clicking the Post button.